By Jason Allen

ARLINGTON, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – Hundreds of complaints from customers in dozens of states are all aimed at a business run out of North Texas.

There’s a new warning out Friday about the online retailer taking orders under Orbitoys, Case Shark and Case Chimp, but they all come back to the same company, Vaztor Corporation.

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They’re selling toys and phone cases, but they’re not delivering them.

Amy Rasor with the Better Business Bureau in Fort Worth said her office has been going through complaints since last year.

“You order something and it never comes,” Rasor said. “You order something and it was actually not the brand, not the quality, it’s counterfeit, or the item you get is damaged or not the quality you expected when you placed the order.”

Orders aren’t being filled, phone calls and emails aren’t returned, but it appears that on at least some of the online sites, they’re still willing to take payments.

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The BBB said they now have more than 300 complaints. Most of them are from people who paid for something, but never received it.

(courtesy: Funko Pop)

“When a company kind of moves around and hops and has multiple contact information, that’s automatically a red flag,” Rasor said. “So we’ll continue to investigate and see what we can find.”
She also said these types of complaints increase during the holiday season and that seeing a stack of negative reviews, or too good to be true deals, is a sign to just walk away.

The toy site, which sold rare collectible Funko Pop figures, has shut down. But the phone case sites are still up and operating.

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The BBB said the operators have not responded to them, and they are continuing their investigation.