KENNEDALE, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) — Kennedale High School’s JD Coffey ended his junior season as the 4th highest ranked safety in the entire country — throw his 3.7 GPA in the mix, and almost every major university is knocking at his door.

However — despite all of his success — JD plays with a heavy heart, as his brother is currently in the federal prison system.

The teen hopes his older brother will get to see him play again as his career unfolds.

“I picture him being at the game in previous years,” JD said. “He writes me a lot. [He] recently wrote… He says he’s my biggest fan and that means a lot to me.”

Although their chosen paths couldn’t be more different, the love their mom, Alexis, has for the two will always be the same.

“Of course… It makes me sad,” she said. “They will be where they choose to be.”

And for JD, she said he won’t sleep until he achieves greatness.

“I think he plays for us,” Alexis said. “He wants to get us somewhere where we’ve never been.”

JD’s coach, Richard Barrett, said he is just happy he has one more year with the football star before his game is taken to the next level.

“Having that kind of player at that position makes me sleep better at night,” Barrett joked.

Helping raise his brother’s two young daughters, JD could easily have the weight of the world on his shoulders, but he’s decided to spread joy to everyone who comes around him instead.

“It’s always good things with him [his brother],” he said. “He [his brother] went down the wrong road, but that’s not me.”