BARTONVILLE, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – A pile of possibly stolen Amazon packages were found in a dumpster Saturday and police are hoping to deliver them to the rightful customers.

According to police, the packages were found in the Denton County town of Bartonville in a dumpster at a local business.

Police said there were around 15 to 20 packages and that many were empty while some still had product inside. The packages were also all addressed to residences in Lantana.

When the owner of this liquor store walked out to his dumpster on Saturday afternoon he noticed boxes stacked around and it was surprised to find out what they were.

Jim Shellman recognized the addresses on the boxes found around the dumpster were to homes in his Lantana neighborhood.

He soon realized they were stolen by someone who dumped the unwanted packages behind his business.

He says porch pirates are a common problem in neighborhoods around Lantana and Bartonville where people in these small communities rely on mail order to get merchandise only available closer to cities.

“I was surprised you see this on the TV all the the time about the porch pirates, but you don’t think it’s going to happen to you or certainly don’t think you’ll be a drop site for it,” said Shellman.

(Credit: Bartonville Police Department)


Bartonville Police collected the stolen packages and today got them back to their rightful owners. 

It doesn’t appear whoever did this left behind any clues that will help police track them down. 

Anyone in that area who may be missing a package is asked to call the Denton County Sheriff’s Office and file a report.