DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The Census Bureau is hoping you could use some extra cash.

They’re having to work harder to fill seasonal positions this year, so they’re reminding would-be applicants of the impact in the community.​

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“It all boils down to money and power,” says Marq Youngblood with the Census. “Congressional power and funding for states, communities and cities: parks and rec, school lunches, transportation, public transportation. That’s where these funds are used.”​

Youngblood is tasked with hiring enough seasonal help to go door-to-door, if needed, to get those responses.

And now they’re having to work harder to get workers.​

Census workers (CBS 11)

“These are flexible positions where individuals get to choose how many hours they want a week, and we ask them to complete those hours, and complete a work load at the end of the week,” says Youngblood. “Lyft does that now, Uber, Uber Eats does that now. In 2010 and in years past, we had no competitors.”​

More than 77,000 seasonal census takers are needed in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Staffers say they’re looking to hire workers from every community because they will be most effective in their own communities.

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There’s a particular need in the Northwest suburbs like Farmers Branch and Lewisville, but workers will be needed in every neighborhood where response rates are low. ​

“The census is critical because it does drive re-districting, it does drive funding from the federal government,” says SMU Political Science Professor Cal Jillson. “Every one of us deserves to be counted and we should not fear the census… it’s not subject to immigration and other fears and dangers that people think are out there, so fill out the forms, it’s important.”​

In order to improve initial response rates, for the first time the census forms can be completed online.

Look for them in the mail around March 12.

Responses will also be accepted over the phone. ​

Missing forms will prompt a visit from census takers beginning in May.​

“If you care about the schools in your community, kids getting healthy lunches, make sure that your communities are accounted for,” says Youngblood, “and you can help us do that job.”​

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The pay is on average $20-$25 an hour. You can apply by clicking here or text ‘TexasJobs’ to 313131 to receive a link to apply. ​