DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Judge Tammy Kemp’s look of astonishment became one of the lasting images from the Amber Guyger murder trial.

Judge Tammy Kemp (CBS 11)

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It happened after she was told Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot may have violated her gag order by making a statement about the case in an interview days before the trial.

“Her initial reaction was visceral and dramatic,” said Creuzot during a news conference Wednesday, days after the case was dismissed. “I was subjected to a biased and vendetta-like attack on me personally by Judge Kemp bears no resemblance to proper legal proceedings.”

Dallas County DA John Creuzot (CBS 11)

Creuzot called the gag order illegal because it was issued without a hearing.

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He accused the judge of unprofessional behavior for threatening him with six months in jail over a TV interview he called harmless.

“It was obvious and in my opinion an attempt to make a blatant, biased judgment against me,” Creuzot said.

The Dallas County DA said his experience and frustration facing a contempt of court charge will lead to a major change in his policy on gag orders.

“This day forward if any judge on his or her own issues a gag order there’s about a 99.9% chance we’re gonna do everything in our own legal power to get it taken down,” he said.

Judge Kemp has not responded yet to Creuzot’s comments.

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The DA would not answer whether he thInks the judge is fit to sit on the bench now that he’s been cleared.