AUSTIN, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – The Texas Department of Public Safety released, at the behest of Governor Greg Abbott, two intelligence assessments of threats posed by domestic terrorists and the prospect of more mass violence events.

One of the reports indicates racially motivated individuals are currently the most active type of domestic terrorists.

Another report described as a growing threat the emergence of “incels,” or involuntary celibate males who blame women and society for their inability to develop intimate romantic relationships.

“Evaluating our state’s public safety vulnerabilities in today’s threat environment is critical to keeping Texas safe from the most unthinkable tragedies,” said DPS Director Steven McCraw. “Texas is fortunate that the Governor and our state leaders place such a high focus on not only responding seamlessly to public safety threats but also doing everything possible to prevent them. These reports will assist law enforcement and the public in doing just that by providing increased information and awareness of mass attacks and domestic terrorism threats to our state.”

The document examined the current domestic terrorism threat posed to Texas, providing an overview of the types of ideologies and motivations that exist in this threat realm.