DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Corn dogs have been a part of Jace Fletcher’s entire life. Her great-grandfather, Neil Fletcher, made them famous in 1942 when he introduced them at the State Fair of Texas.

Jace grew up working the register at the family business. “It was probably a diet of like seven corn dogs a day or something as a kid,” she said.

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Jace Fletcher (CBS 11)

So, when she returned to Texas in 2016, Jace decided to jump back into working with fried foods. “I wanted to modernize it and have very clean recipes and use organic, local products.”

There was just one hitch. She gave the restaurant her childhood nickname, Fletch. “That’s the F word, and we don’t say that any more,” she warned.

The day the restaurant was set to open, she received the news. “I was completely caught off guard. I got notice from an attorney that I had been served papers by my grandmother.”

Jace Fletcher’s no name restaurant (Andrea Lucia – CBS 11)

For three and half months, the Fletchers have been in court fighting over the famous family name. But, this week Jace decided she’d open her doors without it and, for that matter, without any name at all. A banner over the sign out front reads “No Name, Corn Dogs + Funnel Cakes”.

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“I realized we just need to open this masterpiece of a restaurant, who cares what we call it?” she said.

Jace Fletcher’s no name restaurant (Andrea Lucia – CBS 11)

Jace removed every reference to the restaurant’s former name, using tape to cover it up on menus and merchandise.

It’s even been crossed off the headline of a newspaper article hanging on the wall, announcing the restaurant’s opening.

What you will find at the location, on 10220 Technology Boulevard, is a gourmet approach to funnel cake, corn on the cob, and of course, corn dogs. “Corn dogs with no name is just fine!” says Jace.

Jace Fletcher’s no name restaurant (Andrea Lucia – CBS 11)

The restaurant is running a poll online to determine its new name.

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It will be open from 11 am until 9 pm starting Wednesday, January 16 and is looking to hire.