NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) — The National Weather Service confirmed a fifth tornado hit North Texas last week.

On Jan. 10, a tornado warning was issued for multiple North Texas counties, but was shortly cancelled with minimal storm damage.

GALLERY: DFW Weather: Severe Storms Hit Parts Of North Texas

However, the NWS was notified Thursday of storm damage in southern Wise County, west of Boyd, associated with last Friday’s storms. A survey of the damage resulted in the identification of a brief EF-0 tornado with 80 mph winds.

The Enhanced Fujita scale classifies tornados into the following categories:

  • EF-0: (weak) 65 to 85 mph winds
  • EF-1: (weak) 86 to 110 mph winds
  • EF-2: (strong) 111 to 135 mph winds
  • EF-3: (strong) 136 to 165 mph winds
  • EF-4 (violent) 166 to 200 mph winds
  • EF-5 (violent) winds greater than 200 mph

Two other tornados in Delta County were confirmed Monday: an EF-0 in Cooper with maximum minds of 80 mph and an EF-0 in Enloe with maximum minds of 70 mph.