By Erin Jones

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) — In North Dallas, there’s growing concern over a homeless encampment sitting on top of a city sand pile.

In the past, the sand has been used to pretreat roads, underpasses and bridges ahead of winter weather. Now with the condition it’s in, some wonder if it can still be used.

“It’s not safe and it’s not safe for a lot of reasons,” Dallas resident Vince Nicholson said. “Could they even use it? Would it have the same affects that it is supposed to have based on human beings living on it? It definitely poses a danger.”

A representative for Dallas’ Office of Homeless Solutions said the homeless living there has been an ongoing issue for years. Crews have been out to address it multiple times.

This leaves them searching for long term solutions. The Department of Public Works is now looking into possibly a putting fence around it.

Nicholson wants to see this addressed, but also wants the homeless in this area to have adequate shelter and resources. He sympathizes with them.

“I get emotional thinking about it because I am a product of Vietnam,” he said. “I have a lot in common with these guys I find. I’m fortunate because I grew up in different surroundings, I have a job. A lot of these guys don’t, so they’re just surviving. Why doesn’t somebody do something because it just keeps getting worse and worse?”

Erin Jones