(CBS 11) – Another legendary radio personality is being honored!

John Records Landecker, best known during the 70s and early 80s, has been selected for induction into the Broadcasting Hall of Fame of the National Association of Broadcasters.

John Records Landecker (Getty Images)

Landecker, who is Canadian, worked in markets such as Philadelphia, Toronto, and Cleveland. When he arrived at WLS in 1972, he became one of the top late night radio personalities in America. For me, I “discovered” him as a senior in high school in Dallas that year who was planning on being a radio personality (to the chagrin of my parents!) and Landecker was a good study how to do radio.

I even wrote him a letter (no email back then!) while attending SMU as a radio/TV major and he wrote back to me!

Since WLS had a 50,000 watt non-directional signal at night (meaning no one else could be on that frequency from dusk to dawn within a 750-mile radius), the station came in most nights as good as any local station in Dallas, especially on cold nights and a little help from Mother Nature!

I would put on the headphones and listen to him almost daily from Dallas! He was and is an excellent model for those who wanted to be and want to be in radio. And above all, he was funny and entertaining.

One of the bits he did that most people remember was the “Boogie Check” and this is our audio/video attachment (and at the end you hear the famous WLS jingle!).

Congratulations John! Well deserved!