FORT WORTH and HOUSTON (CBSDFW.COM) – A happy reunion between family and beloved pet happened nearly 14 years after Remi the dog went missing.

Remi, the five-pound Yorkshire Terrier mix, was picked up by Fort Worth Animal Control last month.

A microchip linked Remi to Aaron Webster and family in Houston.

Remi, the Yorkshire Terrier mix from Houston found in Fort Worth nearly 14 years later. (courtesy: Webster family)

The dog had a wound on his face, hair loss and no teeth, but that didn’t matter much to the Websters, or McKenzie Smith of Saving Hope, who helped reunite the dog with his family.

“Incredible. That’s the only word that comes to mind.  It was warm fuzzies.  We cried, definitely, all of us shed a tear of joy,” said Smith.

No one knows at this point what happened to Remi the last 13-plus years or how he made it from Houston to Fort Worth.

Smith credits the dog being microchipped for this reunion.


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  1. Mike Turney says:

    I believe we are the people that found Remi… He wondered up to our house and we called FWAC.The lost pups in this area all seem to come to our house. I’m glad this one turned out so well. God bless Remi and his family!

  2. Planet Clownfish Brain says:

    It looks cracked out

  3. Irving Peenwiddle says:

    14 years is no longer “your” dog.

    1. Boadicea says:

      “Irving” you and “Clownfish” can simply stay quiet

  4. Sandra Kaye Stemple says:

    So happy he found his family again, wonder where he has been all this time?

  5. Michael Austell says:

    Trying desperately to get OUT of Texas and into Oklahoma. Almost made it, too!

  6. dolores plamondon says:

    So glad the real owners got him back !!

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