NEW YORK CITY (CBSDFW.COM/CBSNEWS.COM) – The American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit Tuesday against seven Texas towns that have passed local laws banning abortion.

The towns’ ordinances claim to ban abortion, some kinds of reproductive health offerings, like birth control and emergency contraception including Plan B. Though none of the towns have clinics that provide abortions, the regulations say they prohibit those facilities from opening.

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“These ordinances are unconstitutional,” said Anjali Salvador, staff attorney for the ACLU of Texas. “Abortion is legal in every city and state in the country. Cities cannot punish pro-abortion organizations for carrying out their important work – especially when they do so in a way that violates the First Amendment.”

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In its filing, the ACLU claims the ordinances violate the constitution and mislead residents “as to whether individuals can in fact exercise their right to access abortion.”

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“A major part of our work is to make sure every Texan knows their rights and can find legitimate, fact-based information about getting an abortion – regardless of income or zip code,” said Amanda Beatriz Williams, executive director of Lilith Fund.

Anti-abortion activists traveled to each of the seven Texas cities to convince city officials to enact the ordinances. In the last year the ACLU has successfully blocked unconstitutional abortion bans and restrictions in other states.

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