FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – There was a little tongue-in-cheek fun on Tuesday as workers entered their second day of the slow-paced demolition of the building now known as the Leaning Tower of Dallas.

The plan was to implode the building last week but after a series of explosives detonated the core of the building, that houses elevator shafts and stairwells, was still standing… but left tilted.

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As demolition on the buildings remains began Monday some questioned why a larger wrecking ball wasn’t being used and why it was taking so long.

Well, some members of the Fort Worth Police Department set out to show Dallas how it’s done. In a comedic video posted on their Facebook page a FWPD officer rolls up to the demo site, gets out of his SUV and heads toward the leaning tower.

Walking through the gate clearly marked “blasting zone” the officer makes his way to the building, places what appears to be a single firecracker between some bricks and lights it. The video cuts away to a high-rise building imploding perfectly, floor-by-floor.

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Content with handling the task, the officer dusts off his hands, gets in his vehicle and heads back west.

A banner comes up after saying, “THAT WAS EASY”.

Crews in Dallas no doubt wish it was. Workers with Lloyd D. Nabors Demolition say though it may look small the wrecking ball taking down the building actually weighs 5,600 pounds and is the largest that can be used with the crane at the construction site. They say bringing in a bigger crane could have taken weeks.

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The plan now is to knock down the top three floors of the 11-story building and then try to excavate the bottom until it topples over.