FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – A tech company claims it has developed the world’s first robot lawyer.

The DoNotPay app vows to fight parking tickets, recover foreign transaction fees, sue companies and even take on robocallers.

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Euphoria Gray downloaded the app earlier this year after hearing about it on a podcast.

Last month Gray rescheduled her mother’s flight to Taiwan over mounting concerns related to the coronavirus.

The airline charged a fee to change the ticket, so Gray turned to DoNotPay.

“I submitted a dispute for customer service, they were able to get back an extra $250 for my mom,” Gray said.

DoNotPay, which is based in San Francisco, pledges to fight bureaucracy so consumers don’t have to.

DoNotPay app (CBS 11).

“I got about four robocalls on Christmas Day and I thought, ‘Enough is enough,'” said Joshua Browder, the CEO of DoNotPay.

Browder, who developed the app, said DoNotPay sends demand letters to telemarketers, which can result in settlements as high as $3,000.

“The telemarketers are settling before they even go to court,” Browder said. “They don’t want their shady activities becoming public record. They’ll just say, ‘We pay you $500 to go away.’”

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The company puts interested consumers on the Do Not Call Registry.

When companies call anyway, the service provides a “virtual credit card” number to give to robocallers.

After telemarketing companies charge the credit card, DoNotPay is able to identify which company is responsible.

The app then generates a demand letter that helps consumers sue telemarketers for violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

DoNotPay also offers customers a virtual credit card that allows them to sign up for free trials. The app then cancels the service before charges kick in.

“I see this as a public service, people are being completely ripped off by these corporations,” Browder said.

Gray didn’t stop with airline fees. She received $14 in refunded transaction fees after a trip to Jamaica.

She also cancelled her boyfriend’s ESPN subscription and received a refund.

But more than anything, Gray said the app saved her time.

“I hate being on the phone for long periods of time trying to cancel something, so I’m glad this can help me skip the line,” Gray said.

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The app charges customers $3 month for a subscription. But there is no guarantee DoNotPay will be able to recover money in any situation.