(CBSDFW.COM) – The National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT) is pleading for help in the fight against the coronavirus due to a “lack of medical supplies” for emergency medical personnel.

While relief is being given to hospitals, the association says emergency medical services (EMS) aren’t receiving the same kind of help despite having to respond to calls of suspected COVID-19 cases.

“All EMS systems, whether they are public, private or a combination of both, are struggling,” the NAEMT said in a news release. “The additional burdens placed upon our EMS systems and personnel are challenging even for the strongest systems.”

The association says EMS personnel are lacking necessary medical supplies such as face masks, goggles, gloves and ventilators. The associations claims it is seeing an increased number of COVID-19 cases in emergency medical technicians and paramedics.

The association went as far as to say that emergency medical services are “on the brink of collapse” in some areas of the U.S. due to not receiving funds or supplies.

Matt Zavadsky, president of NAEMT and spokesman for MedStar in North Texas, released a statement that read:

“The EMS community commends and appreciates the efforts of Congress and the Administration to support states as they respond to the pandemic. However, our profession is deeply disappointed and concerned with the lack of recognition by federal and state leaders of the care provided by EMTs and paramedics, the role of EMS in the pandemic response, and the absence of financial support to EMS through any of the bills that have been passed by Congress to date. We call on our federal leaders in Congress and in the White House to address this oversight as soon as possible. EMS is at a breaking point and we need government support. The continuation of EMS care to patients depends on it.”

In the meantime, the association says the community can help by donating unused supplies such as masks, gloves and goggles and cleaning supplies. It also said that residents can also help by following “stay at home” guidelines in order to prevent further spread of the coronavirus.


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