WASHINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – North Texas members of congress are voicing their support after the House passed a $2.2 trillion bill that will provide economic relief for Americans and businesses amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The biggest economic relief bill in U.S. history was passed with bipartisan support by a voice vote. As the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases and number of unemployment claims skyrocket in the U.S., the bill will look to provide some stability to the economy.

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Through the bill, qualified Americans can expect to receive a check of up to $1,200 and better benefits for unemployment. Large and small businesses are can expect loans, grants and tax breaks. The bill will also give billions to the health care system.

Member of Congress from North Texas are applauding the passing of the bill as the U.S. continues the fight against COVID-19.

“I commend my colleagues in the House for passing the CARES Act this afternoon,” congressman Ron Wright (TX-06) said in a statement. “The rapid spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) has created an unprecedented health crisis for Texas and our country. Over the past few weeks we have seen Americans come together and pick each other up in ways we have never seen before—neighbors helping neighbors, businesses helping businesses.”

Rep. Roger Williams (TX-25) added: ““The American people have always stepped up to the plate in times of need. Our job in Congress is to provide the reinforcements necessary to move forward – and I am proud that by passing the CARES Act, we have delivered.”

Rep. Colin Allred (TX-32) said in a statement: “Our nation must come together to fight this virus, and now Congress has acted with a historic investment in our nation to help us weather this crisis. This will provide much-needed relief to North Texas families, those who have lost their jobs, small businesses and our workers in impacted industries like our airlines and airports.”

Rep. Michael Burgess (TX-26) said Congress “strongly” responded to COVID-19 and its affects on residents by passing this bill.

“It is a very sad and dangerous time in our country. But here is the simple truth: Congress needed to do something to stabilize the economic situation,” Burgess said. “Our country is in a war and if Congress did not act, we would not have the ability to pick up the pieces on the other side of this pandemic.”

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“We will get to the other side of this strife and that is the important thing to stress. A dawn is coming when COVID-19 does not occupy all of our waking thoughts,” he added.

Rep. Marc Veasey (TX-33) said in a statement: “I am proud to support this historic piece of legislation, which will bring urgently needed relief to families and small businesses all across this country, including in our great state of Texas. During this time of stress and uncertainty, every American needs to know that their government is there to support them without hesitation.”

Rep. Kay Granger (TX-12) also weighed in on the bill by saying, “Our nation is facing an unprecedented pandemic, and I am proud that Congress has come together again to provide desperately needed resources and relief to the American people.”

Rep. John Ratcliffe (TX-04) praised Americans for their actions during the outbreak as the country does its part in trying to prevent further spread of the virus.

“As the American people do their part to stop the spread coronavirus, they’ve made enormous personal sacrifices on behalf of the entire country’s health and safety,” Ratcliffe said.

“It’s no secret that I don’t ordinarily support sweeping legislative packages that cost trillions of dollars. But this pandemic presents us with dire and sweeping circumstances on a level I hope we’ll never have to face again in our lifetime. Due to the gravity of situation that the coronavirus pandemic has placed us in, I support the Coronavirus, Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act that passed today,” he added.

Rep. Lance Gooden (TX-05) added: “This bill is going to get people the resources they need and it’s going to get it to them quickly. At a time when small business owners and working families face terrible uncertainty over how to pay their bills, I’m proud to have voted in favor of this historic relief package. We’re going to get our economy back on track and we’ll be stronger than ever before.”

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President Donald Trump is expected to sign the bill Friday.