NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Leave it to a couple of Texas moms to start a Facebook page that’s helping healthcare workers on the frontline fighting the coronavirus in real time.

In just a week, their public page called “RVs 4 MDs To Fight the Corona Virus” has connected dozens of people willing to donate/loan their RVs so that nurses and doctors won’t put their loved ones at risk of catching COVID-19 when they come home.

Every hour, there are new posts on the Facebook page from spouses and family members looking to be matched with an RV.

An emergency room nurse in Arlington posted, “I’m an ER nurse in Arlington, TX. I have 6 kids and my husband has lung issues already. I’ve been desperately trying to find someone who could loan me a rv when i came across this group. I would greatly appreciate anyone willing to help me keep my family safe by allowing me to use their RV to isolate myself during this time!”

Another post from an ER physician in Frisco read, “Emergency Physician here. If you all know of an available RV in DFW or North Dallas area, I’ love to have it. Have family members with Asthma and have created a rudimentary isolation room in my garage but have no toilet or shower. I’d rather use an RV and not have to go into the house at all. Thanks for thinking of us healthcare workers!”

Yet another nurse in Arlington reached out on the page, too.

“Long shot, but anyone have a habitat of some kind near Arlington, Texas? Critical Care nurse working exclusively with COVID patients. Wife and 3 kids at home.”

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