By Madison Sawyer

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) — Countless local businesses have felt the ripple effects from the COVID-19 crisis — retail stores have seen plummeting sales, restaurants have limited service and hair salons have been closed.

As Texas works to re-open, a local direct mail company is wanting to help local businesses get back on their feet by providing one of their services for free.

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John Barber owns Summit Direct Mail in Dallas. The company produces roughly one million pieces of mail each day that is all sent with a purpose — to drive sales for businesses.

Barber says direct mailings provide a targeted marketing strategy that he believes would be helpful to local businesses that have seen revenues plummet due to COVID-19.

“I drove through Colleyville the other day and it jerked my heart to see all the businesses shut down,” said Barber. “It was almost like a ghost town.”

“I don’t want anyone to be unsafe. I don’t want anyone to get sick. I don’t want anyone to die. However, at some point we have got to get these customers back in to see these retailers, shops and restaurants, and we can show them how to do it,” Barber said.

So Direct Mail teamed up with Clampitt Paper and developed a campaign called, “Kick Start Your Business.”

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Local small businesses can go to their website and apply to be chosen for a free mailing campaign from Summit Direct Mail.

“Give me a 500 words or less description of your business and then we are going to pick three businesses a week for two months to do a free mailing for each of the business,” Barber said.

Clampitt Paper is providing the paper for the mailings and Summit Direct Mail will cover the costs of everything else associated with the production including design, printing and postage.

“We want to be able to put that tactile piece of marketing in their mailbox saying we are open for business, we want your business, we need your business,” Barber said.

He says he has one goal in mind and one motivation for providing the free service.

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“We are going to try to put customers in their store, their restaurant, their shop by doing what we know as best practices,” Barber said. “We are tired of seeing these businesses shut down. We are tired of seeing the inactivity. Texans want to go to work and we want to help them.”

Madison Sawyer