DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas city leaders say tougher laws to combat street racing could go into effect in July.

It’s a problem some officers say is out of control.

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During a meeting of the city’s Public Safety Committee on Monday, a Dallas Police Assistant Chief outlined a proposed ordinance that would not only target those who engage in street racing, which is already illegal, but also make it illegal to even watch a race and give authorities the right to impound any vehicles involved.

Fines for spectating could be as high as $500.

Some council members asked city attorneys talked about also going after those who promote races on social media which is not included in the proposed ordinance.

It comes after DPD has already made 352 arrests and given out 5,425 citations this year.

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Officers have also made 29 drug seizures, 15 gun seizures and recovered ten stolen vehicles.

1 Killed, 2 Arrested, More Than 200 Citations Issued In Dallas Street Racing Incidents Over Weekend In April

City Councilman Adam McGough wants an ordinance ready to enforce by the end of July and Dallas Police Association President Mike Mata couldn’t agree more.

It’s ridiculous, it happens 3 to 4 times a week. We are talking 100 to 200 or more individuals. People are circling a large area where a car enters this area that does donuts of gliding at a high rate of speed. We’ve seen video after video of people being struck by these cars and injured,” said Mata.

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The Dallas City Council will have to approve the new ordinance which should come up for a vote during a meeting next month.