DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – “I couldn’t finish hearing it the first time,” said Norma Rocha. “It broke my heart.”

Juan Vaquero’s daughter said she couldn’t bare to listen to the recording her father made of his conversation with the 6-year-old boy locked in a shed Sunday night.

Vaquero’s call to Child Protective Services and the help he gave police, have left him no longer comfortable living in the camper he rents from the suspects now under arrest, the child’s grandmother and her boyfriend, but it’s a sacrifice he said he’d make again to help a child.

“It didn’t surprise me at all. That’s just who he is. Looking out for others,” said Rocha of her father.

Juan Vaquero and his daughter Norma Rocha (CBS 11)

On the CBSDFW Facebook page, viewers have shared their thoughts. The word people keep using is “hero.”

“That hero is my father,” Rocha said.

“It means so much,” Vaquero said.

Vaquero worries though for his 6-year-old former neighbor, now in foster care.

He used to tell him, Vaquero says, whatever you need, just ask.

Many people have offered to help Vaquero, donating thousands of dollars to a fundraiser.

“I never expected such a beautiful response,” he said.

Many viewers reached out worried about where Juan Vaquero will live now.

He says he’s making arrangements to move in with family.