HOUSTON (CBSDFW.COM) — An off-duty Houston police officer who was killed in a wrong-way car crash last year was intoxicated, a DPS-led investigation found.

Officer Gizelle Solorio was killed in a crash around 6:30 a.m. Dec. 19 on I-10 W. near Sealy, Texas.

Gizelle Solorio (Credit: Houston Police Department)

In a statement released Monday, Police Chief Art Acevedo said the department is saddened to learn the results of the investigation into her death, saying she “showed incredible promise from the time she was voted president of her training academy class to her assignment as a patrol officer.”

“While no single decision defines a person, all of our decisions do have consequences,” he wrote.


The 32 year old joined the department in May 2017 and was assigned to the Northeast Patrol Division.

Acevedo continued to say that he has emphasized to the entire department “the importance of practicing what we preach about DWI.”

He also said the department has expanded psychological services, peer support services and their chaplain program to better serve the mental and emotional health of their employees.

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  1. MikeyTX says:

    Not the first, won’t be the last.

  2. Jason says:

    On the outside, she had everything going for her. Accolades, presidency, high marks. Not enough.
    Drunks, learn from her death about how you can destroy your life. Sadly, it is too late to save her. Too late for her to do the right thing. Too late for her to redeem her lost honor, her lost duty, her lost code. I feel sympathy for any family she left behind. It wasn’t their fault.
    Anyone who has ever had a beloved family member killed by a drunk driver doesn’t give a D about all the boo-hoo for this criminal cop. Tired of this cop worship. Would you say Hitler was a great fellow because he loved his dog? Ted Bundy had a killer smile? Manson was cool?
    I’ve heard of demonizing someone. All these cops are trying to angelize her. Cops always put cops before the public because they believe they are above the law. Like this one. Like the ones who praise her. When cops minimize their own breaking the law, they are a MAFIA.
    Oh, brother, who cares about her “beautiful smile.” She took an oath to live to a higher standard to protect us all and violated it and attacked the public by deliberately driving drunk. I doubt it was the first time.
    All her accomplishments because a Piece of trash attracted to a job like a child molester attracted to the Boy Scouts. No wonder police and military have 4X the rates of spousal abuse and suicide: look who they attract like this.
    Umm, BTW: the police officer was driving the wrong way.
    Found this from non-powder puff news sources: “The report shows Officer Gizelle Solorio’s blood alcohol level was .16. An anti-depressant called Citalopram was also found in her system, which a pharmacist said should not be mixed with alcohol.”
    “The driver of the tractor, 65-year-old Guy Pearson of La Feria, was not injured.”
    So she mixes drugs and almost kills someone. At least she is six feet under where she can harm no one else.
    If she wasn’t female and a cop, people would be saying that the police officer needed to “man up.” Instead, we get flowers and butterflies for a stinking drunk who threw away her badge. No sympathy.
    Too bad she didn’t deal with her problems outside of a bottle. But, in this world, you make your choices, you are responsible, and consequences show no mercy. She knew better. She was a pro. She didn’t care. Her fate and judgement is the same as any other criminal drunk. Next.

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