DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas County Health and Human Services reported 228 more positive cases of COVID-19 on Monday, bringing the total case count in Dallas County to 10,462, including 229 deaths.

No additional deaths were reported Monday.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said in a statement:

“Today’s number of new positive cases is the same as yesterday and thankfully we have no new deaths to report.

The more important numbers at this point are actually hospitalizations, ER visits and ICU admissions for COVID-19 and those graphs remain flat. We have not seen any of the decline that the CDC and the local doctors tell us is necessary to loosen the standards on activities that will keep you, your family and our community safe.

Please continue to avoid large crowds, maintain 6 foot distancing when out, wear a cloth face covering on public transportation and in businesses not only to protect yourself but as a sign of respect and protection for everyone you come into contact with, and maintain good hand hygiene.”

You can find additional information on risk-level monitoring data here.

With regard to coronavirus and the recent protests over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis caused by a police officer. Judge Jenkins urged protesters to social distance as much as possible and wear a mask:

Protests and First Amendment free speech are within the cornerstone of what makes America the greatest country on Earth. If you choose to go to a protest, or rally, or other large gathering, to the extent possible, please maintain 6 foot distancing and wear your cloth face covering.

We must move towards a more just society where policing practices are radically improved and violence against black residents is dramatically decreased. Interlopers masquerading as patriotic protestors, smashing windows, and committing acts of vandalism and looting, are among the most effective voices in stopping that radical transformation to a new normal from happening as they sew fear of violence or crime into large segments of the population.

Government must listen to the voices of its residents and protect the right to peacefully protest and free speech without a militaristic response. We must also ensure that looting and vandalism is not allowed to occur.

These are trying times, both with COVID-19 and with the unrest after the murder of George Floyd. We will do our best by remaining calm, and compassionate towards one another and keeping our ears open so that there is an understanding of your fellow person’s point of view. North Texas is home to some of the most welcoming and kind people anywhere in the world and we need that on display at this time of extreme tension and uncertainty in our country and in our community.”