DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson said Monday the curfew implemented in and around downtown Dallas Sunday night appeared to be effective.

The Mayor said it got people off the streets and brought property damage and vandalism under control after some violence, looting, and vandalism erupted Friday and Saturday nights. “The curfew appears to have had its intended effect.”

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Mayor Johnson said Dallas Police requested the curfew, and to make that happen, he declared a State of Disaster.

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson via Zoom

It will be up to the police department, not the Mayor, to decide how long the curfew will remain in effect.

But Mayor Johnson said, “I think it should be in place as long as it’s needed.”

Some people have criticized DPD’s decision to use tear gas on the crowds of people in downtown.

The Mayor said he is going to support the department’s efforts to bring safety and order to the city and that he won’t “Monday morning quarterback” the decision made.

He said there will be a time to review how the department handled the situation.

“I hate to see tear gas deployed in my city. I hate to see looting in my city. I hate to see violence in the streets of my city, I hate to see all of it and so I want it all to end as quickly as possible.”

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On Monday morning, the Dallas Police Department released a preliminary list of people arrested over the weekend.

Those arrested include two 17-year-old men.

Most were in their 20s.

Of the 60 people on the list, 42 are from North Texas cities outside of Dallas.

One person is from the San Antonio area, another person is from South Carolina.

Sixteen live in Dallas.

“Overwhelmingly, these folks are not from Dallas, they’re not residents of our city, they don’t pay taxes in our city. It’s not their property they’re destroying. These are outsiders coming into our city and causing trouble and it needs to end.”

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Mayor Johnson said it will cost Dallas taxpayers to pay for the response to the violence and the cleaning up of all the damages to the city’s property.