PLANO (CBSDFW.COM) – A veteran Plano Police officer was stabbed by the very person he tried to help.

It happened around 6:50 this morning at Legacy Drive and Independence Parkway.

“The officer does not appear to have life-threatening injuries,” said Plano Police Department spokesman David Tilley. “It’s difficult when one of your co-workers is in the process of trying to help someone and becomes a victim.”

The officer pulled up on a traffic crash right after it happened. As he approached one of the cars, the driver got out and stabbed him in once in the upper arm – shoulder area.

Thus, he retreated to distance himself from the woman, and the weapon.

As he was backing up, according to Tilley, the woman started stabbing the driver of the other car multiple times.

The officer then shot and killed the suspect.

As for a motive, police are looking into whether or not road rage was a factor.

Police later said the vehicle the suspect was driving was reported stolen.

“Did these individuals know each other or was this just a, somebody got upset because of traffic crash and then just kind of twisted off a little bit? We really don’t know yet,” said Tilley.

Both the officer and the victim were taken to the hospital.

The shooting is being investigated by the police department, along with the Collin County District Attorney’s Office.

The deceased suspect was later identified as 27-year old Julie Colon of Addison.

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  1. carcar jinks says:

    here come the monday morning quarterbacks, saying that he should’ve shot the knife out of her hand

  2. Ed Johnson says:

    heroic Plano police officer saves womans life after crazed maniac stabs her repeatedly.
    That’s the headline you freakin deep state morons

  3. Tim says:

    Never know what can happen at a call. Can be as mundane as car accident or a “wellness check” like the arm chair cops continue to harp on. Things can turn in an instant.

  4. Jonathan Willard says:

    I notice they seem to have forgotten to mention the ethnicity of the woman with the knife. I’m sure it was just an oversight.

  5. John McDermott says:

    I live at Coit and Legacy and the police there are out of control. My wife is mentally ill, she calls the police frequently. One time they came in and pulled me naked out of the shower and harassed me for an hour. The next day one of the “veteran” officers came to my house and told me not to argue with my wife and “just walk away”. I seriously hope this is the “veteran” officer that gave me the same BS!

    1. Roger Dodger says:

      You’re evil, bro.

      1. John McDermott says:

        Walk a mile in my shoes. The “veteran” officer that harassed me thinks my wife’s issues are because of an IUD. I have had to ask other officers to stay around when he’s there because he likes to come back into my house after they all leave. He also told me that if I didn’t get out of the house, the police would start to get more violent towards me.
        I just don’t understand why the officer couldn’t “walk away” as he told me to do. If the woman with a knife is mentally ill, it’s no excuse as my wife is mentally ill. Efff the Plano police!

  6. Nita says:

    The woman that was killed suffered from a mental illness, she was a mother of two. Before any of you speak out of your neck on matters you know nothing on, think about the family members. She never had a run in with the cops, she was bipolar and suffering from PPD . I would hope someone you love, who is sick is never in a situation like this.

    1. John McDermott says:

      If you know the victim of this “veteran” officer please contact me. The Plano PPD does not understand mental illness and needs to be educated. I’m sorry for the loss of an innocent person at the hands of these officers that think the are above the law because they patrol Plano.

      Anyone that wants to help this victim of police brutality please file an open records request. It’s free and it’s all electronic, you never have to see a police person. Educate yourselves because it’s a matter of time before they shoot you.

      Do not let this woman die in vain.

    2. Karen says:

      She was a good mother and didn’t deserve to be shot so many times and die . She left 2 young girls. Heart breaking

  7. bentley Ray knotts says:

    If the dead lady turns out to be white are white people going to riot and loot?

  8. jr says:

    Interesting that PPD can be used as an excuse these days for trying to kill people. I never thought of that, the times I had it. Obviously, I was missing out on something.

  9. John McDermott says:

    Anyone that wants to know how to request a report for FREE from the Plano police reply to this message. They do not check your background all you need is an email address. We need to police the police and let them know who they serve. The Plano police believe they are above the law.

    If you want to give it a try, click the link below

    Don’t be scared and do not think that you are betraying the “good” police officers. Good officers (and I know the names) are scared to stand up to these “veteran” officers that kill people like this woman and George Floyd. We have to speak up and let them know they are our servants, and not the other way around.

    A Watchman

  10. jack says:

    John M., go get stabbed.

    1. John McDermott says:

      I have the Plano police abusing me daily. At this point I will take my chances with my 2nd amendment and no police. My mentally ill wife has called the police once a week with delusional stories. I’ve never been arrested by the police but they feel free to come into my house and yell at me for no reason. Two female officers pulled me naked out of my shower, through me on the bed and harassed me for 15 minutes.

      Jack, let me know where you live, I’ll be sure to let your wife know that you want the police to come into your house for no reason and yell at you. Hopefully you’ll get this “veteran” police officer that you love so much.

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