PLANO, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – After almost four hours of debate Tuesday night, the Plano City Council was split on a mask mandate for employees and customers visiting businesses during the coronavirus pandemic.

Therefore it did not pass.

Instead, the council agreed to a “strong recommendation” that businesses have their own mask mandates.

Mayor Harry LaRosiliere voted against it saying that wasn’t strong enough.

The city received more than 1,000 comments on the issue, including 520 emails on the topic.

The city said 86% of those emails were in favor of the mask requirement.

Some council members who opposed it said they are wearing masks in public, but didn’t want to force it on people or create a burden for businesses.

  1. JKB says:

    The real story is that the mayor presented an ordinance that followed the Texas Governor’s guidance on mandating that businesses have a plan for masks and Anthony Ricciardelli gutted that ordinance by diluting the wording and removing enforcement, saying he did not want to mandate that businesses have a plan for masks in their establishments. (Note that the Mayor’s ordinance did not require patrons to wear masks, it requires businesses to have a plan for masks.)

    The political maneuvering of when a vote is taken on a proposed ordinance allowed Ricciardelli and others to stop the vote on the mayor’s proposed ordinance which would have forced them to go on the record as blocking the mandate. Instead, they found a way to present an amendment and force the Mayor’s supporting group to have to vote down their weakly worded amendment which would no longer be an ‘ordinance’ but instead, just a ‘resolution’. The defeatist argument that we are powerless to to stop this pandemic was expressed in the council by those blocking the mayor’s proposed ordinance, calling efforts to stop its spread “Hubris”; this inferring that any science supporting masks was incorrect.

    All of this came in the face of over 80% of Plano respondents backing the original ordinance proposed by the Mayor, and countless pleas by compromised individuals to send our businesses in the direction of guiding patron’s to wear masks.

    What was remarkable about the heavy political maneuvering is that the ‘no’ group in the council wanted to avoid being recorded for not supporting the Mayor’s proposal even though the ordinance would expire and die in just 30 days.

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