DALLAS (CBSDFW.COOM) – So far this year, the Texas Workforce Commission has caught 738 identity theft fraudulent claims.

Historically when disaster unemployment insurance is available, TWC is hit harder with identity theft.

This time is no different.

Many of the cases involve an attempt to file for benefits using a stolen identity. Others involve the switching of bank accounts on someone already approved for benefits.

Yvonne Boggs, who lost her job as a receptionist in April, said her unemployment account was hacked.

After her first benefits payment was deposited into her bank account, her second payment never made it into her account.

When she checked her TWC account online, she noticed her bank account number had been changed. She was unable to change it back because her PIN had been changed as well.

Boggs originally applied for unemployment benefits over the phone.

“I didn’t change it,” she said. “To know someone can just take your information and change it is scary. It’s crazy.”

Boggs called the TWC immediately but for weeks was unable to get through.

After the CBS 11 I-Team reached out to TWC about her case, Boggs said received a call.

Turns out, Boggs said she was told someone had hacked into account changing her bank account information and PIN multiple times.

TWC put a lock on her account and Boggs said the state working to get her the back payment she was owned nearly a month ago.

TWC established a Fraud Hotline, 800-252-3642, for individuals who wish to report suspect fraud, waste or program abuse.