FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – A woman in North Texas became verbally abusive and even spit on a convenience store counter after she was told she would have to wear a face mask in order to make a purchase.

The incident was captured on video Monday by another customer inside the 7-11 store on Boat Club Road in Fort Worth.

The video shows the store clerk with a case of beer talking to the unidentified woman. The man, who was behind a plastic partition, tells her she can’t make her purchase because she isn’t wearing a face covering, but that she can purchase a mask in the store.

The woman yells, “I’m not paying for a fuc**** mask! I’m not paying for it. We have a right in America not to wear a fuc**** mask!”

The clerk then directs her to a sign on the door of the business stating that customers are required to wear a mask inside the store. It is also a mandate in Tarrant County that customers wear masks inside of businesses to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The woman storms toward the exit but turns around, goes back toward the clerk and throws something over the counter. She then leans forward, spits on the counter, and says, “There you go.”

The woman tells the clerk he need to pick up whatever she threw over the counter, but he refuses and says, “You spit on the fuc**** counter, don’t do that,” before telling another customer in the store that he will help them at a different register.

CBS 11 News contacted Fort Worth police about the woman’s actions but officials said they “… were not called out to that location regarding that incident.”