CREEK COUNTY, Okla. (CBSDFW.COM) — It was a close call recently for a trooper with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol after being out in some severe weather.

It was on July 2 when Trooper Matthew Krupczyk stood on the side of the Turner Turnpike — about 35 miles southwest of Tulsa — trying to help a driver get a small forklift loaded after it fell off a trailer.

Dashcam video captured the moment as the trooper stood next to the forklift — that was blocking traffic — when a lighting bolt touched down and nearly hit him.

Thunderstorms brought high winds and more than an inch and a half of rain to the area.

The lightning strike apparently arched over and also hit a passing SUV. The driver said everything on the dashboard of her vehicle was blinking, and all the lights were going on and off after the hit.

Both the trooper and the driver say they feel lucky to be alive.