DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – There’s a mix of anxiety and uncertainty right now as the new school year quickly approaches — and we’re not just talking about parents. Educators are weighing some difficult decisions as well.

“Everything is so crazy right now,” said Christina Childress of Dallas. “Nobody really knows what’s going to be coming in the next couple months.”​

But, the mother of three knows this: her children will continue to learn online.​

“My kids’ classrooms last year didn’t have any windows. So this idea that we can open windows and let air flow, it’s not really even possible, let alone it being 100 degrees outside,” she said.

Still, the Dallas ISD mom says she’s grateful to have a choice, so her next concern was for the teachers who don’t.​

“I’ve been asking them, you know, ‘how are you guys feeling? Do you feel comfortable going back into the classroom? What are some of the things you’re concerned about?’ And, so far, I haven’t spoken with anyone who feels comfortable going back into the classroom,” Childress said.

So Childress and other like-minded parents have launched a petition, insisting that teachers be given the same options as parents — citing one educator’s worry about a medically fragile child.​

Petition by Dallas ISD parents to give teachers more options during pandemic. (Credit: change.org)

“It’s really putting her in this position of ‘do I lose my job and lose my necessary income to stay home, with my child? or do I go to work and potentially expose myself to something that I could then bring home and endanger his life as well?’ And so she really is torn,” Childress said.

Teachers across North Texas are often hesitant to complain publicly, but one sums up the situation like this, telling CBS 11 News that if teachers have to come out of pocket to buy pencils and paper how can schools be trusted to supply adequate personal protection equipment.

And again, there’s their health and their family’s well-being to consider.​

“I can’t imagine as a parent being in that position, and having to choose that, and I don’t think any teacher should have to,” Childress said.