IRVING (CBSDFW.COM) – A woman who appeared to intentionally cough on Texas singer-songwriter Clayton Gardner as he performed has apologized.

Gardner was on stage at Texican Court in Irving when, about 15 minutes into his set, the blonde interrupted him.

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In a livestream video of the incident, she leans in and appears to cough on Gardner.

On Facebook, Gardner wrote, “I handled it with class and as much patience as I could. I have practiced very safe hygiene and socially distanced myself from the start of Covid to protect my 3 year old daughter. In a matter of seconds this lady took that away from me. I was honestly shocked and pretty defenceless sitting there holding my guitar. The audience was equally as shocked. I’m outraged by her behaviour and the behaviour of many others in our world today.”

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He added that he shared the video “so you’ll know there are actually people like this in our world. I’ll let the video speak for itself. And yes… I hope you share the hell out of it.”

But it seems the singer had a change of heart after seeing the sudden gush of fury and vitriol toward the woman.

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Gardner an update to Facebook Tuesday afternoon:

“I posted a video last night and perhaps left out a few thoughts that have been weighing on my mind. First off, there is a lot of blame and hate going around and I don’t feel like that is productive or necessary. This individual does not need to be named. I am certain the video embarrassed her enough. She reached out to me and has apologized and I have accepted her apology and forgiven her. I posted it because it upset me so very much. I posted it because I have seen people act this very way all across our nation. This individual knew I was streaming the show. She walked around objects that were in place to discourage traffic on the sides and behind me. There was no security as this was a small acoustic show. She was not initially kicked out and I was not about to make more of a scene to demand she be removed. I continued on playing my show. I have been told I was rude in my initial reaction.

I will say this one more time so people understand. I choose to take safe precautions from COVID-19 to protect myself and my daughter. That is my right and not yours to tear down. I am able to maintain more than sufficient distance from people at my shows during this time. The closest person to me that evening had to have been 20-30 ft. I take requests at my shows. My songs or covers. If i know it, I will play it for you. If you have been to a show you know I love engaging the audience. I honestly just love people. This caught me off guard because it was the first time in 10 years I had someone come behind me and do that. This is also the first pandemic I have ever been apart of and we are all still learning how to navigate through this difficult time. I don’t give a damn about what news site this is on. I could care less about 10 seconds of fame. I have declined every newspaper interview and TV appearance. I kind of liked my life just the way it was, playing music I love, and being a daddy. So I will go back to that as soon as I can. There is to be no more blame or hate on my page. We can all learn something from this and be kind to one another.”

Gardner did not respond to an interview request from CBS 11 News.