by Nicole Nielsen | CBS 11

KEENE, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – Keene ISD was one of two Johnson County school districts where classrooms reopened Tuesday for the fall semester and during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It was different,” said Amarys Clayburn, a 9th grader at Keene High School.

It’s the first time they’ve been on campus since March.

“We just had to wear these masks all day,” said Keene High 10th grader Alex Murphy. “When you’re going around in the hallways during passing period you have to keep your mask on.”

In addition to the face mask requirement for students older than 10, desks were spread out and cleaned after every period.

Keene ISD first day of school (CBS 11)

The district added hand- free water fountain, and signs to show students which direction to walk in the hallways.

Parents say it was these things that made them feel safe bringing their kids back to school.

“They’re taking a lot of precautions, they’re making them wear the masks, they’re doing lunchroom in the class and all that, so I mean they seem to be taking all the precautions, they needed, I mean it’s safer here than going to Walmart and buying groceries at this point,” said Jordan Crittenden, a Keene Elementary School parent.

“I feel like they’re taking the good precautions to keep them safe, they do explained that they’re gonna separate the kids and do all the social distancing and use a lot of hand sanitizer so I feel pretty good about it,” said Ana Granda, another Keene Elementary School parent.

But the precautions that make parents feel safe, are the routines that students struggle to get used to.

Despite the inconveniences, they say it’s good to be back.

“You get to see new people and you get to learn more from the school than online,” Clayburn said.