PLANO, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – Plano Tomorrow, the controversial design plan the city adopted in 2015 is history, after a long but successful legal challenge by a group of residents.

City leaders thought they had come up with a good 20-year plan for development.

Now they will have to come up with a new one after losing a lawsuit filed by residents to stop it.

It was a comprehensive vision of Plano’s growth and development into the mid-21st century.

But some residents thought 2015 plan known as Plano Tomorrow included too many apartments.

Nearly five years after those residents filed a lawsuit, they won the latest round of appeals and the city agreed to stop fighting.

A committee will go back to the drawing board and the attorney who represented the citizens group hopes they will be heard this time.

Certainly a large number of the people are concerned about the apartments,” said Jack Ternan, the residents’ attorney.

Land use, transportation, housing and city services were all part of the blueprints that Plano’s City Manager Mark Israelson said will be revised to make sure residents approve.

“It’s a matter of making sure all citizens voices are heard. Those are long-standing, but I think it’s also a matter of making sure all citizens voices are heard,” Israelson said.

The city hopes to have another plan put together by early next year but whether it will be presented to voters has yet to be decided.