FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – For the first time since March, Texas Christian University (TCU) students are back on campus this weekend after a full week of moving in. They’re being welcomed back by the university slowly to make sure they can social distance.

Freshmen say it’s just another way the school year feels different.

“Obviously in our head, we know things are different but it’s still our first year and it’s still our first experience so hopefully we can make the most of what it is,” Rachel Adelsberg, an incoming freshman, said. “I just feel really fortunate that we actually get to come and move in. I mean a lot of my friends from home are getting stuck at home this year.”

Like most freshmen, she spent the better half of her last semester of high school online and plans to take half her load this semester virtual, too. But most freshmen say being able to move in this week and start a new journey at all offers a sense of normalcy.

“At least I’m here. I’m glad to let us come. If we were completely online and I wouldn’t have the resources like the library and everything like that and just all of the facilities here, then I probably would have just stayed home,” Jenna Remick, an incoming freshman, said.

Major university events like family weekend and homecoming have already been canceled.

Students are all here with the understanding that if they catch COVID-19, TCU will require them to isolate for 14 days. And if the school goes completely online, there is a chance they will be sent back home. But they say, it’s worth the risk.

“I’ve been experiencing-like obviously all of us have- just staying at home for so long. So even if I’m doing that here, it’s just a completely different experience and I want to try something new,” Remick said.

Nicole Nielsen