HOUSTON (CBSDFW.COM) – Eight reproductive health rights and justice organizations today announced the launch of a new website: The Texas Abortion Access Network (TAAN).

The TAAN website is an online hub for abortion rights supporters to get involved in advocating for abortion access throughout Texas.

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“The movement in Texas for abortion rights is strong and continues to grow,” said Drucilla Tigner, policy and advocacy strategist for the ACLU of Texas. “We’re joining with other abortion rights groups to make sure activists from all communities have one singular hub of trustworthy information and actions for abortion access throughout the state. We will provide the resources to empower everyone to take action and protect their right to abortion access.”

The collaboration includes the ACLU of Texas, AFIYA Center, Jane’s Due Process, NARAL Pro-Choice Texas, Progress Texas, Texas Equal Access Fund, Texas Freedom Network, and Whole Woman’s Health Alliance.

“We have seen anti-abortion extremists limit access to abortion during a global pandemic, as well as target small communities stigmatizing already limited access to health care,” said Kamyon Conner, executive director at Texas Equal Access Fund. “It is time to show our power and demand that abortion is health care. We know that local advocacy can have tremendous impacts on our communities. Equipping grassroots activists with knowledge and skills will last generations. There is power when we work together collectively and act locally.”

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The TAAN website will include opportunities for action, news on reproductive rights, a map of current local abortion laws in Texas, and training for reproductive freedom advocates. Grassroots activists will learn how to become leaders in the ongoing fight to protect abortion access through an eight-week digital program known as the Texas Abortion Access Academy. It will be led by experts from the eight TAAN organizations and build each person’s capacity to become an effective abortion rights advocate in their own community. The course includes vital information on the status of abortion in Texas, how to talk to others about abortion, background on reproductive justice, and how to advocate and organize for abortion access.

“Every day on our hotline, we hear from teens in Texas who are struggling to confidentially access abortion and birth control,” said Rosann Mariappuram, executive director at Jane’s Due Process. “Young people deserve to have their reproductive health decisions honored, not stigmatized. That’s why we are excited to participate in TAAN and empower people in Texas – especially teens – to have tools they need to advocate for themselves.”

“A majority of Texans support abortion access, and this new resource will allow folks in any community to gain the resources they need to advocate for reproductive rights,” said Diana Gómez, advocacy manager at Progress Texas. “These Texans refuse to accept the continued attacks and control tactics from conservative extremists, and are ready to organize, build community, and fight back.”

The website is available here: https://txabortionaccessnetwork.org.

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