AUSTIN, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – The unemployment rate in Texas continues to decrease as over 100,000 jobs were added in the state throughout August, the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) said Friday.

According to the TWC, the state’s unemployment rate fell to 6.8% in August, which is the fourth-straight month that rate has decreased and the lowest it has been since March 2020.

March was when the COVID-19 pandemic began impacting the economy in Texas and forced the shutdown of businesses and the unemployment rate to increase.

Texas is also below the current national unemployment rate, which is at 8.4%, the TWC said.

“The Texas unemployment rate continues to move in a positive direction as job seekers and employers adjust to current challenges,” said TWC Chairman Bryan Daniel. “TWC will continue our efforts to implement strategies designed to help strengthen the Texas economy.”

The TWC reported the professional and business services sector added 33,200 jobs, the trade, transportation and utilities sector added 28,800 jobs and the government added 25,000 jobs in August.

The TWC also released employment estimates for the state, which can be read here.