By Robbie Owens

(CBSDFW.COM) – Slowly — and cautiously — students are returning to classrooms across North Texas. But, they’re not necessarily returning to campus. Many of those classrooms are at home.

“All we had to look at is what we had in the spring,” said Jillian Glawson of Prosper. “And I knew for sure that’s not what we wanted for our family in the fall.”

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Certain that they’d had enough of the uncertainty, they joined the exodus of families looking to homeschool.

“Not knowing. Would schools be closing again? Were they going to open virtually? Were they going to open in person?” she said of the questions that shaped their decision. “I just really wanted a full year of as few interruptions as possible.”

And they are not alone. According to the Texas Home School Coalition, public school withdrawals are up 400% over August a year ago — and that’s just the withdrawals processed through the agency’s website.

As for Glawson, she says the change has been good for her family.

“Seeing my kids bond and seeing how well they are getting along,” said Glawson. “Just our family atmosphere is a lot calmer. There’s not that rush– not just getting out the door in the morning– but, having everything being dictated by the school calendar is been very refreshing and relaxing and really settled down the atmosphere in our home.”

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She admits to being anxious at first, taking on teaching her kindergarten and third grader.

“Having a 3rd grader, she had something to compare it to. And once we got over the ‘oh my God it’s all on us, now’ — I feel like we have hit a really good stride and the kids are really doing well and enjoying it,” she said.

She also says the decision to homeschool is not an indictment of her current district but the situation that they have all been forced in because of covid.

“We’re in a fantastic school district, so if we ever choose that option again, I’m comfortable with that as well; but, for right now, we’re definitely doing the best thing for our family,” she said.

“So, how’s the parent/teacher conference, when the parents are the teacher?” Glawson was asked.

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“She’s killing it most days,” she said with a laugh. “It just depends on what hour of the day you ask!”