Dak Ready To ‘Start The Journey Back’ Following Season-Ending Ankle Injury In Cowboys Win Against Giants

ARLINGTON, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott left Sunday’s game with a gruesome right ankle injury in the third quarter against the New York Giants.

The team later announced Prescott was taken to a hospital with a right ankle compound fracture and will have surgery Sunday evening.

With about seven minutes left in the quarter, Prescott was tackled after a nine-yard run and his ankle appeared to be rolled over, causing Prescott to stay down on the field.

After several minutes, he was carted off the field as players and coaches watched in worry for the quarterback.

Prescott could be seen leaving in tears toward the locker room with his fist raised as the crowd applauded him.

Dallas head coach Mike McCarthy and former head coach and current Giants offensive coordinator Jason Garrett were seen on the field as they looked at Prescott.

Backup quarterback Andy Dalton went into the game as the offense finished the drive with a touchdown run by Ezekiel Elliott.

The Cowboys ended up winning the game 37-34 on a last-second field goal. However, the win will feel like a loss for many as they await the news on Prescott.

“It just sucks to lose Dak, our leader. We just got to go out there and play for him,” Elliott told reporters after the game. “…All we can do is support him and go out there and win ball games for him. It just sucks to see a warrior go down like that.”

At around 6:50 p.m., Prescott’s brother, Tad, tweeted a picture with Dak at the hospital as the quarterback showed a smile.

“God is good, and he’ll be back STRONGER than ever. I F****** guarante3 IT. Let’s go @dak continue to walk by #FAITH & I’ll make sure you continue to #FIGHT,” Tad Prescott tweeted.

Players around the league tweeted support for the Cowboys quarterback.

“Big time Prayers up @dak!” Kansas City Chief quarterback Patrick Mahomes said.

“Praying for big bro @dak,” Washington Football Team quarterback Dwayne Haskins said.

Before leaving the game, Prescott had a career highlight with an 11-yard touchdown catch from wide receiver Cedrick Wilson right before the first half ended.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones released a statement later in evening:

We are all heartbroken for Dak and this very disappointing injury. The outpouring of messages that I have received regarding his setback speaks volumes to the respect and admiration that he has earned from his teammates, former Cowboys players and Cowboys supporters everywhere.

I know this young man very well.

I know the personal hardship and strife that he has faced, dealt with and overcome in his young life.

And I know of no one who is more prepared, from the perspective of mental and emotional toughness and determination, than Dak Prescott to respond and recover from this challenge that has been put in front of him.

He is an inspiration to everyone he touches. He has all of our love and support.

And we have no doubt that he will return to the position of leadership and purpose that he brings to our team.

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  1. Matt S says:

    You guys censor the F word in your report, yet leave it in Tad Prescott’s tweet. Way to go!

    1. steven says:

      nice catch like Dalton to gallup

  2. Larry says:

    I’m sorry but what the hell was he thinking?

  3. BLM was founded by Marxists says:

    He will have a hard time kneeling during the national anthem now.

    1. jazzcat1953 says:

      LOL….good one.

  4. llanukka says:

    NFL is DONE just like the NBA – Keep supporting the Communist Agenda

  5. jazzcat1953 says:

    That’s what he gets for running all the time instead of staying in the pocket. It was inevitable that this would happen at some point.

  6. Jack Carter says:

    Oh, well. With a little luck, a lot more of those self-entitled POS’s will break some bones. Hopefully, a few necks.

    1. DK says:

      You really think people deserve death because they don’t agree with you politically?

  7. Jameson says:

    The NFL was once a great part of American life.

  8. Foster Mitchell says:

    Injuries happen. The Patriots are enjoying the extra time off — healing, after the whippin they took from Chicago. Prescott is fortune it was only NJG.

  9. Jason says:

    Hey, God’s let Jerry FAIL the Cowboys for over TWENTY years since he fired Jimmy Johnson, so LOSING is what America’s Team does best.

  10. Shawn says:

    Are y’all seriously taking a man’s injury and being glorious about it. How disgraceful of anyone to be shaming when a man is down for something that can alter his life because you don’t want him to stand up against racism. Dweebs everywhere……

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