DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) — Across the country — including in North Texas — there’s concern election results could lead to unrest.

As Election Day nears, the Dallas Police Department is working with local, state and federal agencies to prepare.

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“Let’s just be honest, 50% of the population is not going to be happy,” Dallas Police Association President Mike Mata said.

Mata said the George Floyd protests have shown how quickly situations can escalate.

“You could have something that starts very spontaneously, very quickly on a social media platform and within hours you could have hundreds of people which will then draw in more people,” he said.

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“Law enforcement has to prepare for all kinds of scenarios,” Tarleton State Associate Dean of School of Criminology Dr. Alex del Carmen said. “Having been a criminologist for 22 years and having trained thousands of police officers, there’s a difference between probability and possibility and my argument is that it is possible.”

“I think they need to prepare to be in the street and be in the street multiple days for long shifts,” Mata said. “I’m really worried about the mental health and wellness of the officers. It’s almost like this police staff hasn’t had a break at all.”

He reiterates peaceful protesting is a Constitutional right protected by police, but committing crimes is not.


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