DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot revealed Thursday, Oct. 29, that investigations into excessive force by police officers during last summer‘s protests have stalled.

It led to a public plea from his office for help.

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There were a lot of protesters recording videos on phones last summer and today the Dallas County DA said he desperately needs that video to prosecute any officers who might have broken the law.

Still images from the protests the DA’s Office is now sharing publicly, show some of the people Creuzot wants to come forward with their photos and videos.

Dallas protesters (credit: Dallas County DA’s Office)

It’s believed their cell phones and cameras have crucial evidence in cases of protestors who were seriously injured and even blinded by rubber bullets and other projectiles used by Dallas Police officers.

Creuzot says he’s specifically interested in three incidents from May 30.

He said the videos his office has so far only show possible excessive force by officers in the moments before or after it would have occurred.

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“We need video or pictures of the actual firing if it is. And we need a video. What we’re interested in seeing as the direction of the projectile. We want to see from the firing all the way if we can to the contact with visuals. That’s important to us,” said Creuzot.

The DA emphasized that people who have videos that may be useful will not be in any kind of trouble for coming forward.

Multiple Dallas police officers are under investigation for their actions and the city has been sued by multiple protesters.




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