NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – If you or someone you know recently tested positive for coronavirus, you still have the right to vote in-person, it makes no difference if you are sick or in quarantine.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has updated guidance to vote safely amid the coronavirus pandemic. If you missed early voting options or did not opt to vote by mail, you are still legally allowed to vote in-person at your polling location while sick or in quarantine, but the CDC advises to take every precaution to avoid transmitting the virus, like wearing masks or face coverings, washing your hands frequently, and staying at least six feet from other voters.

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Information from the Texas Secretary of State Office:

“If a voter presents to vote in person with any of the above-identified signs or symptoms of COVID-19, an election judge may utilize their authority to preserve order and prevent breaches of the peace by offering the voter several options for voting, as described below. An election judge does not have the authority to refuse a voter who is presenting symptoms. Additionally, please instruct your workers to protect their own health by wearing face coverings, gloves, and/or washing and sanitizing their hands after interacting with any voters presenting signs or symptoms of COVID-19.”

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North Texas counties have options for people who are sick to vote curbside.

In Tarrant County, election officials are asking people who recently tested positive for COVID-19 to vote curbside. You can find information on how to do that here. Officials ask that you call your polling location once you arrive to notify workers of your symptoms. This service is also available to voters who cannot stand for long periods of time.

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In Dallas County, the elections office website asks voters to either have an assistant go inside to notify the elections clerk or call the election day clerk to notify your intent to vote curbside.

Ellis County’s election website says polling centers will have a “curbside voting” sign for you to park near. The website also advises voters to call their election official before curbside voting so the officials know to expect you.

According to the Denton County website, if a voter is unable to enter a polling place, they can request an election official bring a ballot to the entrance of the polling site or to the voter’s car. Denton also asks voters call the election office ahead of time so staff knows when to expect you.

In Collin County election officials placed signs at the polling locations with information for voters with disabilities. You can find a picture of what the signs look like on the county’s election website.

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Johnson County officials say curbside voting is available at all polling locations. Each polling location will have a designated area marked with an orange curbside voting cone.

Katie Johnston