FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Good news if you are traveling to Fort Worth the weekend of November 7. The weather is looking to cooperate for this year’s Fort Worth Marathon.

There are some issues however. It will be very humid at the start of the race, the relative humidity will actually be in the 90% range at 7am. And there will be something of a wind, a rarity for a morning this time of year.

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The good news: it appears the streak of VERY cold days for November 8th is going to come to an end. Looking back at the last ten years the LAST FIVE have had highs well below normal, including the last three years with highs only in the 50s.

The typical high for this date is a comfortable 70 degrees with an average low of 49°.

The records however demonstrate why November is considered a “transitional” month; getting the first days of winter cold is common. The climatology for this time of year also shows the cold rarely sticks around for more than a couple of days. The record high for this date is 88°, a temperature more typical of the early days of September. The record low is 26 degrees.

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Rain is not uncommon in November in these parts. Our weather records go back 122 years here and rain has been reported 36 times on this date. That suggests a 30% rain chance on any given November 8th in Fort Worth.

But like I said at the top, the weather looks great. A little breezy for you runners but great. All this week including the weekend we are expecting above normal highs and low:

For Race Day on Sunday expect a breezy out of the south, the winds will increase to 15-20 mph by 11am or so. Temperatures at the starting time are expected to be in the upper 50s, well above normal. By 11am it’ll be close to 70°.

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Warm, breezy and Dry is the forecast. The way the course is laid out you have to fight the wind in the first half of the race, have it at your back most of the time in the second half as the winds pick up. Dress for warm conditions, especially considering the time of year. As I mentioned it is going to be humid. The dewpoints will be in the upper 50s, a little on the high side for this time of year.