ROCKWALL, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – Hundreds of North Texas Republicans came together Sunday for an “America Is Great” rally outside the Rockwall County Courthouse to show support for President Donald Trump.

“I just really want to defend our rights and our elections and a fair process,” attendee Michelle Garcia said.

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“I’m here to show support for voter accountability,” Joseph Denomie said.

They listened as newly elected East Texas House Rep. Pat Fallon told the crowd there shouldn’t be an official declared winner in the presidential election until all the ballots are counted.

Hundreds gathered in Rockwall County in support of President Donald Trump. (Credit: CBS 11 News)

“We want all of the ballots that were legally cast counted,” he said. “Just like we did in 2000 – and that took weeks, not days, it took weeks. And then also to do the recount and maybe an audit as well.”

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Fallon said he plans to author a bill that would require a voter ID and photo ID for any federal election, allow poll watchers to video any irregularities and increase the penalties for voter fraud.

“What Fallon is talking about doing we’ve been trying to do here in Texas for election security and we’re going to do it this next session because it’s at the top of the list,” state Sen. Bob Hall said.

“I think we are hopefully going to get what the country deserves,” Garcia said. “If it’s fair and the other side wins then we need to accept that.”

“On the left, on the right, we have to come together as Americans,” Denomie said.

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Erin Jones