DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Street racing continues to challenge the City of Dallas, with meetups now drawing hundreds of people.

Today, in a briefing to city council, police gave an update on what they’ve done to address the issue.

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“It is a matter of time before someone gets killed with this nonsense,” Dallas resident Craig Miller said.

“One of these cars is going to go airborne and through my window – please help us,” Dallas resident Anga Sanders said.

“I hear from constituents around the city daily,” Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson said. “Every single day and in particular since I think we’ve been in this pandemic and some of these public safety issues have really become exacerbated.”

New video from the Dallas Police Department’s helicopter shows the severity of the issue. Calls reporting the incidents have nearly doubled in 2020 compared to last year.

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“It’s no longer one event with several people, several participants, it’s several events throughout the city with upwards to 200 people, in other cases 300 – 400 people at one time,” Deputy Chief Jesse Reyes said.

During a DPD briefing to city council this morning – police spoke about what they’re doing to address the situation.

Since an ordinance was passed earlier this year, allowing officers to cite spectators and business owners that allow this activity on their property, they’ve issued more than 14,000 citations. This year, almost 1,200 arrests have been made, some of them involving assaults, drugs, guns and stolen vehicles. Almost 700 cars have been towed.

Right now, officers are collaborating with city attorneys to see if there are any other additional enforcement tools they can use. They’re also pushing state lawmakers to update some laws.

Click here to learn more about the specific laws DPD is trying to update.

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