FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) -Austin-based supermarket chain Whole Foods has received high praise for its safety measure and efficiency during the pandemic.

Company officials say they currently need to fill another 275 or so jobs throughout 12 stores in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

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“Those jobs range from seasonal to part-time to full-time and they can really be anything they can be a department lead level, and they can also be an in store shopper position,” said Sean Bestor, head of Employer Brand Marketing for Whole Foods.

Whole Foods company officials say they pride themselves in offering a minimum pay of $15 an hour to all of their employees starting out.

“Now that can only go up depending what role you are applying for and how much experience you have,” said Bestor.

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He said many of the jobs can lead to long and rewarding careers for those looking to make a long haul stay out of their time with the company.

“Whole Foods has a really rich tradition of people starting off anywhere in the store and working their way up to leading a team or leading store, or moving into a regional corporate role,” said Bestor.

If you would like to apply with Whole Foods, click here.

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