WYLIE, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – The promise of a COVID-19 vaccine brings new hope to a life and death battle that in some way or another has impacted most people.

And for David McClure of Wylie, the research has brought an additional sense of purpose.

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“I’m not gonna lie. The first thing I thought about was my family and I wanted to be there for my grandkids,” said McClure. “And then after that it was, I was so tired of hearing people talk bad about science, and not respecting scientists and what we do, you know? And it’s one of the few things you can trust. No politics, just science, but that involves people risking their lives.”

So McClure, a science teacher, said he wanted to do more than just endure the pandemic.

David McClure is participating in the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine trial. (CBS 11)

He said he wanted to make a difference and was willing to roll up his sleeves to do it, volunteering for the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial.

“I’m 60 years old. Heart problems, diabetes and high blood pressure,” he shares with a good-natured laugh. “I thought ‘hey, here’s the perfect guy to do this with!'”

Still, he said he experienced no side effects with either the initial vaccine or booster shot he received several weeks later.

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“I had a little bit of soreness where I got the shot in my arm; but I didn’t have any other symptoms at all.”

He could have been given a placebo, but McClure was so certain that he’d received the actual vaccine, that he got an antibody test.

“They emailed me back and said `yes sir, you have antibodies’!” he recalled. “I was so excited, I wanted to have a party. My wife said, ‘that’s nice, now put your shield back on’!”

Medical experts are already acknowledging that one of their biggest challenges once a vaccine is approved is convincing the public that it is safe.

McClure’s message is “listen to the science.”

“This was my chance to try and show people that it was going to be okay, and they could trust the process,” said McClure who adds that he will absolutely be an ambassador for the immunizations. “This is an opportunity to tell people, ‘Hey look! I had the vaccine and I get around really good for a 60 year old guy’!”

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