FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM)A dedicated dad who’s been dancing outside Cook Children’s Hospital while his son gets chemotherapy, is getting some recognition from people around the world, including celebrities.

Stars Will Smith and Jason Derulo surprised Aiden Yielding and his dad, Chuck with a virtual visit that was posted on Snapchat.

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Will Smith and Jason Derulo surprised Aiden Yielding and his dad, Chuck with a virtual visit (Snapchat).

The 14-year-old has been undergoing chemotherapy for leukemia since earlier this year.

Because of COVID-19 restrictions, only one parent is allowed with him during treatment.

Since his mom works in the hospital she stays at his side, but his dad has gained worldwide attention for dressing up in crazy pants and dancing outside the window so his son could see him during chemo treatments.

“I think it had been on like 300 news channels, 19 countries and has reached over a billion people,” Chuck said. “We’ve got messages from Germany, Croatia, Italy and Japan, and it’s just been unbelievable the outpouring of support.”

Chuck said the response has been overwhelming, but he’s happy it gives him a platform to raise awareness about childhood cancer.

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“People don’t realize it’s a two and a half year chemo treatment, and it’s aggressive for these kids.”

While Aiden may not be able to do everything a typical teen does right now, he does like video games.

So naturally he was delighted when he found out Will Smith sent him a brand-new PlayStation 5 for Christmas.

GameStop said it partnered with Smith to surprise Aiden and Chuck.

GameStop said it provided the PlayStation 5 (PS5), Sony Wireless Controller and GameStop gift card to the family.

GameStop also said it, along with Smith, each donated $5,000 to Cook Children’s Medical Center.

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