By Brooke Rogers

ARLINGTON, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – Nearly 10 months of staying at home have passed, and, with that, we’ve never needed our home appliances more.

That’s why stores like Texas Appliance saw around a 5% increase in sales last year.

“We’re busy, said Steven Owen, Vice-President and G.M. of Texas Appliance. “We’re up in pretty much every category across the board.”

The problem is actually finding something.

“We’re looking for something that’s in stock,” said customer Karen Thomas, whose refrigerator and ice maker recently broke.

First, freezers were the hot ticket item when people were stocking up on groceries. Next, as the pandemic wore on, appliances like refrigerators wore out.

“We sold out of what we had in stock, reordered it as quickly as possible, but then the wait times were just horrendous” Owen said.

He added that customers could wait up until 6 months for their orders due to demand.

“The lifecycle of appliances is being shortened just due to demand and usage in the home. And it’s in every nook and cranny. It’s laundry, refrigeration, cooking, cleaning,” he said.

Another factor, he said, is a lack of supply globally due to COVID-19.

“The whole logistical supply chain, everything about it in the appliance industry, has been under duress since March.”

An upswing in homebuilding and remodeling also contributed, he said. Customers are having to wait, settle, or pay more as a result. And something resembling normal supply may still be a ways away.

“It’s getting better, but none of the manufacturers are predicting full recovery until at least mid-year,” Owen said.

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