DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Texas Republicans in Congress are divided over the certification of the states’ election results in the 2020 Presidential election.

On Tuesday, Jan. 5, Texas Senator John Cornyn announced in a newsletter sent to Texas residents that he will likely vote to certify the results.

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“Over these past two months, I have paid close attention to the legal challenges and recounts that have taken place across the country. As mentioned, every lawsuit filed by the Trump campaign has failed to change the outcome. And multiple states have conducted recounts to confirm the results – in Georgia, three times.

So, unless substantial, new evidence is presented during the challenges to each state’s ballots, I will not object to the certification of that state’s election results based on unproven allegations. Unless substantial, new evidence is presented during the challenges to each state’s ballots, I will not object to the certification of that state’s election results based on unproven allegations.”

In an interview before Christmas, Cornyn said while he believed there were voting irregularities, the time for challenging results had passed. “Hopefully we’ll learn from this experience and do better next time. But for all, all practical purposes, the presidential election was decided a few days ago when the electors vote was certified.”

Citing allegations of voter fraud and voting irregularities, Texas Senator Ted Cruz and ten Republican Senators announced Saturday they are calling on Congress to appoint an Electoral Commission to conduct an emergency, ten-day audit of the disputed states’ election returns.

Cruz has said it would then be up to those state legislatures to decide whether to certify a change in their states’ vote. “We have an obligation to the voters and we have an obligation to the constitution to ensure that this election was lawful.”

In the House, Republican North Texas Congressman Ron Wright announced Tuesday that he supports Senator Cruz’s idea. “I believe that every voice should be heard, every legal vote should be verified, and every law should be followed. By Congress accepting what we know is tainted, is to call into question the validity of our elections, and further erode Americans’ confidence in the process.”

Another Republican Congressman representing North Texas, Lance Gooden, has advocated rejecting the election results and urged Senators Cruz and Cornyn to do so as well.

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On Fox News Channel Tuesday morning, Gooden ridiculed those who have criticized his efforts. “When we say we want an investigation, we are told that we are un-American or un-Constitutional or discouraging the Democratic process, that’s crazy to me. I’m really disappointed in many Republicans, not just Hillary Clinton, that refuse to say hey, look, let’s get the facts out there.”

But Republican Texas Congressman Chip Roy, from the Austin area, disagrees with Gooden, Wright, and Cruz, his former boss.

In a statement he said, “The text of the Constitution is clear. States select electors. Congress does not. Accordingly, our path forward is clear. We must respect the states’ authority here.”

Veteran Republican North Texas Congressman Dr. Michael Burgess said Monday he was undecided. “This will be one of the most consequential votes taken in the 117th Congress. It is my responsibility to weigh all the arguments and evidence that will be presented in the House of Representatives on January 6th, and of course I am listening to the concerns expressed to me by constituents in the district.”

Democratic North Texas Congressman Colin Allred criticized Senator Cruz’s efforts.

In an interview Tuesday afternoon he said, “I think that this is really a dangerous attempt to subvert our democracy, and to disregard the will of the American people. And tomorrow, I’m going to vote to affirm the voices of the American people who came out in record numbers. The rest of the world is watching us. History is watching us. This is not about partisan politics. It’s not about whether or not you support the President or not, it’s about respecting the will of the people and respecting our democracy.”

Analysts have said despite the challenges, they expect Joe Biden to be certified by Congress as President-elect.

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