By J.D. Miles

UPDATE: Much-Anticipated COVID-19 Vaccine Drive-Thru Opens In Plano

PLANO, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – The setup is almost complete at Clark Field in Plano for the dispersal of COVID-19 vaccines on Wednesday, Jan. 27, to those on Collin County’s waiting list.

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A list that’s grown to 180,000 names.

But county leaders have found many duplicate names including one person who signed up a total of 19 times.

Signing up multiple times won’t improve one’s place in line according to county leaders who said the vaccination center at Clark Field will have about 2,700 doses to give out by appointment only.

Three large tents are going up in the parking lot of the city’s high school stadium.

The first day will be used for those people awaiting their second doses of the vaccine.

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Whatever’s left of the 2,700 doses will be administered to those in the 1-A essential worker category and 1-B elderly, pre-existing condition category.

Collin County Commissioner Darrell Hale said he’s concerned about the number of people seeking vaccines who don’t qualify because most vaccine sites don’t require proof of pre-existing conditions.

“I would say if you are not 1-A or 1-B you know do the right thing and register appropriately because there are people out there that need it far more than let’s say you or I and you’re taking away vaccine from someone who might’ve been sequestered for the last 10 months not able to get out at all because it would pose a very life threatening to them should they get infected,” said Hale.

Hale said he also remains concerned that Collin and Denton Counties are getting less of the vaccine by the state to give out than other counties.

He said Collin County could support 6,000 injections a day if the state will send more doses their way.

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