By Nicole Jacobs

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A string of catalytic converter thefts is raising eyebrows in Garland and causing thousands of dollars in damage for some owners.

In the days where some would do just about anything for cash, illegal activity has started to run rampant. But who knew a catalytic converter was a hot commodity?

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Mike Frank, who recently moved to Krum from Garland, had his truck parked outside of his home when his neighbor saw the driver of a bright blue sedan doing something suspicious. Frank said, “She could see the guy underneath the car… underneath my truck, with a saw you know going to town.”

Little did anyone know the thief was cutting through everything and leaving only one bracket. The suspect was trying to make off with Frank’s diesel particulate filter (DPF) exhaust system.

According to Officer Felicia Jones, with the Garland Police Department, it takes less than a minute to steal a catalytic converter.

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“They’ll get out of the driver seat literally roll underneath the vehicle with a saw and tool take the property and then get right back in their vehicle and leave,” Jones said.

And just like that, thieves can sell the device for a couple hundred dollars once the damage is done.

In Frank’s case, his expenses were $7,000. But Garland police want this story to serve as a reminder, that wherever you are, big brother is watching.

Jones said, “There are cameras everywhere. We are visible. We are looking for any kind of suspicious activity and we are going to find them and make the arrests.”

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